Partner Companies

Integria Technologies Ltd. proudly represents the following industry leaders:

(Canada-wide) Ampleon is a top-tier provider of RF power solutions for industrial, broadcast, mobile infrastructure, and other applications.

(Canada-wide) MACOM designs and manufactures devices for RF and optoelectronic applications, including RF diodes, amplifiers, mixers, switches, and silicon capacitors.

(Canada-wide) Akoustis manufactures RF filters, using their proprietary X-BAW process. Unsurpassed bandwidth, skirt sharpness, and power-handling in familiar, surface-mount packaging.

(Eastern Canada) RF attenuators, adaptors, terminations, DC-blocks, Bias-Ts, gain equalisers, power dividers, and RF resistors.

(Eastern Canada) RF attenuators, adaptors, terminations, power dividers, phase shifters, RF switches, programmable attenuator modules & systems.

(Eastern Canada) RF modulators/demodulators, up/down converters, vocoders, 2-way radio ICs, RF MMICs, equalising amplifiers, and gain blocks.

(Canada-wide) High-quality RF cables and connectors for lab & production use. Full-custom cables available.